Newly Single

Y’all I’ma keep it short but, I just wanted to update y’all; I am now single. My girlfriend got disrespectful because she got embarrassed and lashed out on me in front of her friends in a party setting because I was joking about how she never leaves me alone. So, instead of just telling me […]

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Oh my fucking God

So, as you all know, I have a girlfriend and boyfriend… Wait. Before I start that, I hope everyone had a happy holiday. My Christmas was pretty good and I surprisingly did not get all sad and suicidal. So, yes it was good. now BACK to my boyfriend and girlfriend. I’ma be real with y’all…. […]

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I am his lolita Lo-lee-ta The tip of the teeth The drag of the tongue I am his little dessert Cherry red  Dripping with sin He devours me And I devour him Gluttony and lust A match made in Hell Oh, but baby, we do it so well

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Smokey Needs A Wake Up Call

Hey y’all, I know I’m binge posting but, I gotta find something to do instead of study for finals because I can’t face responsibilities like a normal fucking adult. So, I’ve decided to ignore Smokey. I am going to give him space and MAYBE say Merry Christmas. I was looking back on the time stamps […]

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I’m a masochist, y’all

Did y’all think I was not gonna make a post about Smoky? HA Y’all I need to stop caring so much. I really do. Ummm so I’ve been taking Adderall recently to help me study for finals (fun fact: my med, Lamotrigine causes memory issues and vaginal irritation. So that explains a lot but whatever) […]

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