It’s Gettin’ Hot in Herr

Y”ALL *Cardi B tongue pop* I’ma make it quick because like I can’t contain myself. *GASP* SO! Y’all remember that hot ass coach who I tried to introduce to the orgy group but he never responded? Tell me why this nigga responds to me a year later?!!!! Anyways we get back to talking, right? I’m […]

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Another one…

Another post in the same night? Yassss people. Another one. In short, I don’t know. I am just out of wack sometimes. My aura is off. I don’t have random bouts of crying that often but, I am frustrated because I know something is weird. For example, I checked Smokey. When I mean checked, I […]

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I’m drunk

I’m drunk and all I can think of how much my mouth feels numb. It’s as if my tongue is weighing down all of the things that I want to say I want to say how empty I am Only filled by the dick and food that I put inside of me Yet still empty. […]

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When I’m Gone…

Y’all I know I write so much about Smokey. I know. But, I know one day I will be gone. I’ll just suddenly die and I know it and that’s okay. I just hope that when I go, all of my writings can be sent to him. This is probably the mental illness acting up. […]

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Meh. Nothing much.

Hey y’all, I am so sorry for being gone so long. But, here’s a quick run down: My roommate took a leave of absence so, my friend is now moving in.   My classes seem okay for this semester and two of my professors are foyyyyyne.     So, lemme tell y’all about how I […]

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