Another Update (1)

Hey everyone, I have so so so much to tell you that I think it would be better to put it into posts. So, update on the hot staff member. He and I are speaking again, things used to be awkward. But, we started talking again because I forgot how but, we really started talking […]

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Y’all I need to stop

I really need to get over this man. It’s not that I am in love with him, it’s that I miss him so much. Our dynamic is a friendship where nothing sexual is ever directed towards one another. We are completely platonic and it is like we get along better that way. I don’t know […]

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Missing Creativity

There’s this thing about being so used to going through mental help for years and years. I know the in’s and out’s. If I tell someone I want to die, they have to report it. If I make tiny cuts to get that relief, I get reported. I miss it so much. So so so […]

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I got fucked by a power saw. Lit. Fun. Mindblowing. The guy? Gross. Too attached already. Issa no.

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