I am his lolita Lo-lee-ta The tip of the teeth The drag of the tongue I am his little dessert Cherry red  Dripping with sin He devours me And I devour him Gluttony and lust A match made in Hell Oh, but baby, we do it so well Advertisements

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Smokey Needs A Wake Up Call

Hey y’all, I know I’m binge posting but, I gotta find something to do instead of study for finals because I can’t face responsibilities like a normal fucking adult. So, I’ve decided to ignore Smokey. I am going to give him space and MAYBE say Merry Christmas. I was looking back on the time stamps […]

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I’m a masochist, y’all

Did y’all think I was not gonna make a post about Smoky? HA Y’all I need to stop caring so much. I really do. Ummm so I’ve been taking Adderall recently to help me study for finals (fun fact: my med, Lamotrigine causes memory issues and vaginal irritation. So that explains a lot but whatever) […]

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A man and a woman? What?

Hello my dear lovelies! I am so so so sorry I have been MIA! But, so much has been going on so, that means I can update you all on everything! Well, first and foremost, me and my roommate are no longer on speaking terms. It’s been two months now but, I’m not even gonna […]

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*sigh* (This is so old.)

Alright y’all, lemme catch you up. I know I have been slacking lately. SO quick overview: My hair and edges have been breaking from stress. My face is the worst it’s ever been. My roommate has been giving me the silent treatment and not being an adult and discussing whatever issue she has because she […]

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Liv is back

During my sex work days, I called myself Liv. During this year I THOUGHT about going back into sex work but, I wasn’t really invested in doing it like I was before. Well, it turns out that I will HAVE to go back into it. My mother left her full time job. I quit my […]

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Update (Part 2)

Alrighty. The first part of my update was positive. Y’all didn’t think there would be an update without some type of sad shit, did you? Well, the first thing was that I had to sit through a documentary that was about the person who was a part of the most tragic part of my past. […]

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