I don’t know how to start this or even describe it but, I feel like my insides are being crumpled. As if my insides are a piece of paper getting condensed into a ball tighter and tighter. I can’t always depend on my friends to vent because that’s no fair to them and I only […]

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tw: sexual assault Hey y’all… For the past couple weeks I’ve been out of it. I haven’t been able to stay calm. I have had this anger bubbling under my skin. Just simmering and waiting to explode. Like it would be there no matter what state I was in. I could be perfectly calm and […]

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My demons swim

Right now, my sad ass is sitting in the nearby Walmart parking lot and I told myself that I am not leaving from this spot until I finish this…or mall police or whoever come tells me to leave. I have had this anger boiling under my skin. I can’t describe this constant frustration, anger and […]

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Hey y’all, I know I have been gone for a bit and some change but, I’m back. So to update, different things have happened. I went through my first infusion treatment which was 7 fucking hours of being hooked up to an IV. Now I have to complete another treatment and hopefully my labs look […]

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An old friend from high school passed away yesterday morning. He was 3 grades above me. He and I weren’t super close but, we hung out a little bit when I was a freshman but after he graduated, I didn’t really see him. Y’all, this guy was so filled with love and laughter. My freshman […]

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Quick update

Hey everyone. I apologize in advance if my blog posts aren’t as long. My autoimmune disorder is getting worse and my treatment isn’t until 2 weeks and every part of my body is being affected. The primary part of my body being affected is my joints. But, I will my try best to keep going. […]

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Not so funny today

cw: sexual trauma, nonconsent, self harm mention Hey y’all, I’m sorry my post is gonna be depressing. There isn’t really anything entertaining that I can think of as of now. I just can’t. I’m sure you guys remember my FWB, the one with the bomb stroke game and the crazy ex-girlfriend who was a racist? […]

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