I’m drunk

I’m drunk and all I can think of how much my mouth feels numb. It’s as if my tongue is weighing down all of the things that I want to say I want to say how empty I am Only filled by the dick and food that I put inside of me Yet still empty. […]

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When I’m Gone…

Y’all I know I write so much about Smokey. I know. But, I know one day I will be gone. I’ll just suddenly die and I know it and that’s okay. I just hope that when I go, all of my writings can be sent to him. This is probably the mental illness acting up. […]

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Meh. Nothing much.

Hey y’all, I am so sorry for being gone so long. But, here’s a quick run down: My roommate took a leave of absence so, my friend is now moving in.   My classes seem okay for this semester and two of my professors are foyyyyyne.     So, lemme tell y’all about how I […]

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I Knew She Wasn’t Pregnant

So my ex is still crazy, everyone. She ain’t pregnant. You wanna know how I found this out? She kept calling me. Second day in a row I finally texted her and asked what does she want. This fucking broad had the audacity to say to me “come over.” Like this bitch didn’t just block […]

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*Sigh* Who knows

So, my ex claimed to be pregnant and is due in April. But that makes no sense because her and her boyfriend met in mid July but whatever. She blocked me because she said she missed me and I said “ok.” I said that because I could not give a shit less. Not even a […]

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